Why Should You make Your Next Car a Ford?

It has been several years now since the automaker bailout. For those who do not remember, Ford was the only one of the big three that did not accept the bailout, both GM and Chrysler took it. Ford instead chose to improve their lineup and weather the storm by providing a better product. If you are looking for a new or used vehicle, then you may want to go to a Ford dealer in Orland Park.

Improved Technology

Ford is an industry leader when it comes to available technology. With Ford’s infotainment system, you can now connect your iPhone or Android device easier than ever and have it sync with your car. Not only have they improved their technology, but they have also lowered the bar for getting it. Ford’s SYBC technology is usually available even on lower trim models, unlike other makes which require you to buy a mid-level or flagship trim in order to gain access to the best options.

Improved Mileage and Power

While many automakers are investing in turbocharged engine technology, Ford is leading the way. Their Ecoboost engines produce more power than the competition, often while getting better fuel mileage at the same time. Thanks to these improvements you can now get an F-Series truck that gets excellent fuel mileage since you no longer are restricted to large V8s for maximum power. Even the new Mustang is available with a small four-banger Ecoboost that puts out almost as much power as their naturally aspirated V8 option.

Cost of Ownership

While the initial cost may not be as low as some imports, Ford’s typically have a very low cost of ownership. This is due to the ease of maintenance, and the reliability of Fords. Since Ford does not require a highly specialized oil like some automakers do the cost of an oil change is still low as are repair costs in many cases.

When GM and Chrysler received government bailouts to stay afloat, Ford decided to weather the storm and pull through by improving their product, and the end result shows their efforts.

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