Choosing Your Outdoor Lighting In Chicago

Most people focus on the safety issues, which are always important. However, outdoor lighting for your Chicago home can also add beauty and security, as well. Choosing different colors and styles will make it look great in the morning and evening, while you’ll be safe when you come home at night, as well. Choosing the right ones can seem difficult because there are many from which to choose. However, a few tips will have you selecting the right lights every time.

Placement And Size

The first step is to determine how big you want your outdoor lighting to be for your Chicago home. You can find mini lights, as well as large sconces that can be placed on the structure itself. Once you know how big or small you need/want, you’ll be able to figure out where to put them. Many homeowners choose to use a variety of sizes, some of which can be placed along the edge of the walkways, illuminating the steps or pavement.


When it comes to the lights you choose, you don’t have to be limited. You can still use hanging and pendant lights for the porch, as well as sconces. You can also find over-the-door lights that can be used on garages and front/back doors. If you want to illuminate your property effectively, you can use lamp posts or fence lights, as well.

Remember That It’s Outside

The goal is to make sure that you choose lights that explicitly state they are to be used outside. This means that the materials used to make it are weatherproof. You’ll also want to consider outside light bulbs or LEDs, as well.

Outdoor lighting in Chicago can help you see better and provide ambiance to the space. Visit Fox Lighting Galleries now to find out more.

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