Why Outdoor Sinks are Popular

Increasingly at public events where food is available, regular hand washing is not only desired but legally required. This trend is true for both indoor and outdoor events, but especially for public festivals outside, meeting such sanitation needs and requirements can be difficult. However, there are portable outdoor sinks now available that can meet any call for improved public sanitation. These models are designed for the outdoors and are sturdy and easy for all ages to use.

About Outdoor Sinks

Portable outdoor sinks come in a number of models, but many used at public outdoor events and even job sites such as construction work, are of lightweight, durable material and are designed with wheels for easy transportability. To increase convenience in outdoor settings, portable sinks have built-in soap dispensers and paper towel holders, and they are designed to be quick and easy for all ages to use. Some outside sink models even offer on-demand hot water, making them a huge help to caterers and food and beverage vendors.

Benefits of Hand Washing

While hand sanitizers are certainly convenient for quick hand cleaning, experts still say the best defense against germs is washing with soap and water. Lather up and rub hands together for at least 20 seconds to get them as clean as possible. All styles of portable outdoor sinks are designed to make it easier to maintain good hygiene anywhere. In this case, it seems like the old call to “Wash your hands” is still the best way to maintain good health as well as peace at the dinner table.

Who Needs Portable Sinks

Caterers, food and beverage vendors and other workers in the food industry are not the only ones who need high-quality portable outdoor sinks. Some job sites that are primarily outdoors, such as construction sites, supply convenient hand washing stations to employees. Playgrounds also benefit from durable hand washing facilities that can stand up to both the weather as well as heavy public use. Large-scale public events such as trade shows and festivals year-round often provide outdoor sinks, and farmers markets are increasingly moving to supply convenient outdoor hand washing stations to both vendors and customers.

Washing the hands with soap and water is still the best line of defense against germs and possible illness. In many places, during public events hand washing is not just a courtesy—it is required by codes and regulations. Portable outdoor sinks make it easy for businesses and vendors to meet legal requirements at any type of public event. Furthermore, portable outdoor sinks are the best choice for convenient cleanliness at job sites and playgrounds.

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