The Benefits To Using A Portable External Hard Drive

For most people using a home computer or a personal laptop for gaming, watching videos or checking social media, the internal hard drive or cloud storage options is most likely all they will need. However, if you have very important documents, photos, work product or information you need to access no matter what may happen, having a portable external hard drive to backup files is a must.

It seems like everyone is relying on cloud storage for all types of documents from information from apps to actual data they may need to access. The biggest concern with this is that there may be connectivity problems, which can occur even with the major internet providers that can cause a short-term lack of access to that data.

To solve this issue, having a portable external hard drive as your primary backup and using cloud storage as a secondary gives you the best of both worlds. There are some other reasons to consider and external hard drive, and once you stop and think about the issues you will see why it is so recommended by computer security professionals.

Storage Size

With a portable external hard drive, you have the choice as to the storage space you need. These small sized, practical and amazingly compact drives are available now that can hold up to 5 terabytes, which is 5 trillion bytes or 5,000 Gigabytes.

New technology continues to add to the capacity of storage on these portable external hard drive models. They are very low cost compared to paying for additional cloud space when you need these large capacity storage considerations.

Added Security

While the cloud does offer increased security functions and layers of protection, the only way to guarantee that there is no risk from hackers is to keep your data offline where it cannot be accessed.

By using a portable external hard drive there is no need for uploads or downloads online, and you can select which computers you connect the drive to for access to the data.

With the portable external hard drive you keep in your possession you can set a password and know that no one else will need to be able to access the data. It is also possible to password protect the hard drive in the event it may be lost or stolen. Some are even available with fingerprint readers for additional security.

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