Why It Pays To Upgrade To Medical Computer Carts On Wheels

In hospitals and healthcare settings, the advancement of patient records and diagnostics using computer systems and technology provides increased accuracy, accessibility, and ease of documentation with less risk of human error.

However, along with this technology comes an increasing need to have specialized equipment to quickly, easily and efficiently transport, use and store the equipment safely. To achieve this desired outcome, hospitals, clinics, and medical offices are upgrading old types of medication carts with new, specially designed medical computer carts on wheels.

Unlike a traditional medication cart with a flat top surface and locking drawers, medical computer carts on wheels offer a safe solution for transporting sensitive computers and electronics. At the same time, they create a portable workstation for staff that includes a monitor, computer, keyboard, mouse, battery backup systems and a scanner, all built into the standard options found on a quality medication cart.

The Top for Technology

The top surface of medical computer carts on wheels is an integrated computer workstation. There is a pullout keyboard and mouse pad, which can be accommodated for both right and left-hand users.

The monitor is permanently mounted, so it is very secure for moving throughout crowded hallways and patient care rooms and areas. There is also a substantial desktop area that allows for a physical workspace as needed.

The scanner and the mouse mount to the cart, keeping them secured when not in use. The externally mounted scanner makes it easy for staff to scan patients and medications to maintain real-time medical records without the need for manual data entry.

The rest of the medical cart will include customized options in locking drawer configurations. This is an ideal option as it allows for different configurations based on the types of equipment, medications, and supplies that will need to be stored and administered in different areas of the facility.

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