Why Is Professional Water Cleanup Vital in Floods?

Some areas of the country are more prone to flooding than other areas. In general, urban areas are more prone to flooding because there are more asphalt and concrete than natural vegetation. Unfortunately, urban areas can experience flash floods and quickly become flooded in a matter of minutes. When flood waters enter a home, they bring bacteria, parasites, and raw sewage. They also often bring in copious amounts of sand and dirt which can be destructive to the materials of a home. Homeowners should never attempt to mediate their damage alone. It takes Professional water cleanup to safely restore a home after it has been flooded.

Before a homeowner even calls for Professional water cleanup, they need to make sure they contact their insurance company and file a claim. It is crucial a homeowner takes photos and videos of the damage as the cleanup process begins and continues so their insurance adjuster will be offered proof of the damages that were done. The flood remediation team will help in the documentation process and will work with the homeowner and adjuster to ensure a fair settlement is reached.

The first goal of the process is to remove the water so the damage can be surveyed. Mud will sometimes need to be shoveled out of the home because it can come in, in great numbers. The remediation team will work to expose the porous materials in the home to determine whether they can be salvaged or will need to be replaced. Non-porous surfaces can generally be cleaned and disinfected without issue.
If the moisture levels are not brought down to normal quickly, mold and mildew growth can begin to set in and cause further damage. Fans and dehumidifiers will be used to remove the moisture from the home so full repairs and cleanup can be accomplished.

A professional flood remediation team will work to fully restore the home to its former condition before the waters entered. If you would like help with your remediation process, contact Flood Solutions. They will help you through every step of the process of remediation so your home will be safe and secure for your family.


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