Using A Plumber in San Diego To Unclog A Drain

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Plumbing

When someone finds a sink in their home has a clogged drain, they will most likely want to find a way to remove an obstruction in the piping system so water flows through once again. Many will call a Plumber in San Diego to help with this task. There are a few steps one can try in advance of a call to a professional in an attempt to fix the problem on their own.

First, the sink can be plunged to see if the obstruction can be loosened from the piping system. This is done in the same method as when one tries plunging a toilet. The friction caused by the up and down motion of the plunger may be enough to jar an obstruction from the pipes, allowing water to flow down the drain once again.

If plunging is not successful, a plumber’s snake can be used to try to push through matter in the pipes. Simply position the metal tip of the tool down the drain and unwind the wire from the holder. As it snakes its way through the pipe, it will push through debris so that water can trickle through the void. This method may be effective in unclogging a drain if the debris is soft enough to move out of the way.

The P-Trap pipe of a sink can be removed to check for obstructions. Place a bucket under the pipe and use a wrench to loosen the nuts on each side of the pipe. The water in the basin will seep into the bucket. The pipe can then be inspected for obstructions and cleaned out thoroughly before it is put back into place.

If someone wishes to have the drain unclogged effectively and quickly, a call to a plumber is best. The plumber would have the right equipment to remove the obstruction and get the water flowing back through the piping system as it did before the clog had appeared. Call a reputable Plumber in San Diego to find out the cost and to schedule service.

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