Why Is A Root Canal A Necessary Procedure?

Although dentists much prefer to catch tooth decay before it reaches a critical point, there are times when the only way preserve a tooth is to perform a root canal. Teeth which need a root canal in West Loop but are left untreated can easily lead to infections that quickly enter the bloodstream which in turn can lead to sepsis and other life threatening conditions.

A root canal is needed when tooth decay reaches the point where it enters the tooth pulp. The pulp becomes infected which usually results in an abscess on the tooth root that will only get worse without intervention. Anyone who feels considerable pain and swelling, as well as sensitivity to hot and cold beverages, should see their dentist as soon as possible. At other times a root canal may become necessary if a tooth suffers trauma.

Why a root canal is often necessary:

A tooth is a complex structure; the outermost lawyer is the enamel, under it is dentine and under the dentine is the tooth pulp. The pulp chamber is where the tooth nerves and blood vessels are located. If decay should reach the tooth pulp the infection will eventually break down the bone supporting the tooth.

A root canal may be called for if a specific tooth has, over time, been subjected to numerous procedures such as fillings and as a result, the tooth structure has been weakened.

Root canal procedure:

Actually, a root canal in West Loop gets “bad press.” A root canal is no more or no less painful than any other procedure and of course, any pain can be controlled. The dentist, using small files enters the tooth and slowly removes the infection along with the tooth pulp. The tooth is now technically dead but can be repaired to regain functionality by placing a crown after the open canal has been sealed.

If you have a tooth that is seriously decayed it can usually be saved by having a root canal in West Loop. You are invited to make an appointment with Washington Dental care.

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