Why Hire an Accident Injury Attorney in Birmingham AL?

Many people wonder when they have the right to receive compensation for an accident. Plainly put, you should be a victim of a traffic or workplace accident. The law states that any damages directly or indirectly caused by third parties must be compensated by monetary damages, and includes temporary or permanent disability, consequences caused by injury, property damage, medical expenses, and economic loss. If you have been involved in an accident, contact an Accident Injury Attorney in Birmingham AL today.

What is the deadline for making a claim in case of an accident?

The legal timeline is 6 months if opting for criminal proceedings and 12 months in civil and administrative means. Once the latter is exhausted, a viable claim can be submitted if certain requirements are met. Drivers of cars and motorcycles are entitled to compensation if they suffer a disability regardless of whether the other vehicle involved was responsible.

Compensation for drivers involved in traffic accidents

The driver is always entitled to compensation in cases that have involved another vehicle (reckless driving, alcohol, running red lights, etc.). In situations where there is lack of maintenance or defects on the road that are the cause of the accident, the local government can be held accountable if you can prove by evidence or police report that your injuries were caused by the defects. In cases where an animal is the cause of the accident, you may also have a viable claim. However, it is necessary to identify the owner of the animal. The most common injuries to the occupants of cars are whiplash, disc protrusions and herniations, rotator cuff injury and rupture of the certain tendons.

Compensation for accident as a passenger (occupant) of a car or motorbike

Passengers are always victims and therefore always entitled to compensation, whether the driver is a family member or a friend. The insurance companies always cover their liability. Many vehicle occupants that are injured are afraid to file for fear of harming the driver. But this should not worry you because insurance companies have to pay. Hire an Accident Injury Attorney in Birmingham AL to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Click here for more information.


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