Identification Guide For Metal Recycling in NJ

Are you thinking about selling scrap metal, but you don’t know exactly what you have or if it really has any value? Metal Recycling in NJ is actually a very simple process, since the majority of scrap metals are worth recycling today. Your local metal recycling facility can help you determine which metals are valuable, and they will usually even separate the metals for you. However, if you want to do a quick test yourself beforehand, see the metal identification guide below.

Ferrous Versus Non Ferrous

First, the magnet test is a great way to separate the most valuable metals from the least valuable ones. Hold a strong magnet up to the metal. If the metal is magnetic, that means it is either iron or contains a high amount of iron. These metals, called “ferrous metals,” are the least valuable of scrap metals. However, they hold cash value because they can still be used in a number of ways for Metal Recycling in NJ.

Separating Non Ferrous Metals

Metals that don’t attach to the magnet are “non ferrous metals,” and these are generally more valuable than the ferrous ones. With non ferrous metals, you may have to rely on appearance for identification. Non ferrous metals can include the following.

Aluminum: Silver in color, and typically quite reflective. Sometimes people paint over aluminum so you may have to check the back side of the metal to see its true color. Aluminum is a very valuable metal in recycling.

Copper: Copper is usually a reddish gold shade. It may turn brownish if it has been outside, or if it is quite old. Occasionally, copper can develop green spots due to age as well. Copper is the most valuable of scrap metals.

Brass: Brass is a combination of copper and zinc, so it may mimic copper in appearance. It is a heavier metal, and is usually a bit deeper and more yellow than copper is. Brass is not as high on the value scale as copper, but is still a valuable scrap metal.

Steel: Steel looks similar to aluminum but is much less shiny. It is one of the most commonly used metals for building construction today, and is commonly available. It doesn’t hold a high value, but is still more valuable than iron.

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