Why Great Customer Service is So Important From Your Vendor

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Industrial Supply

Companies pick parts vendors for a wide variety of reasons. You’ll hear many inventory people say that they simply buy from who the company has always provided parts.

There are many reasons to reevaluate your vendors on a regular basis, but none is more important than finding one that provides excellent customer service. When your vendor is great at customer service, you get the following benefits.

* Quick response when you need it. If you’re out of an important part, like Baldor Electric motors and need one in a hurry, a vendor with great customer service will work to ensure you get the part in the fastest timeframe possible.

* Time Savings. You can waste a lot of time on hold with a vendor who doesn’t have enough people answering the phone or who doesn’t have an online ordering system. You should expect to speak to a human on the phone when required and to have access to online ordering when you don’t need a shipment expedited.

* An enjoyable sales experience. We all have those vendors we dread calling because we know we’ll either get a person who is rude, or one who isn’t well versed enough in the products to take care of us quickly and effectively. The best vendor for your Baldor Electric motor is the one you like talking to.

* Reasonable prices. The best vendor isn’t always the one with the lowest price. However, you should be able to expect that your vendor will offer competitive pricing every time you order. Don’t be afraid to do a price comparison between vendors at least once a year. You need to know you’re getting the best pricing, especially if you order regularly.

Keep these benefits in mind, and be sure your company is getting the best service from vendors that provide Baldor Electric Motors in Texas to your company.

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