Why Do I Need Web Werks’ Personal Cloud Secure Cloud Storage?

While cloud storage is often seen as a practical solution for business data storage, it is just as effective for personal storage. Choosing Web Werks’ Personal Cloud allows secure storage of all your sensitive personal data.

The Web Werks’ Personal Cloud provides a cloud that connects your desktop and mobile devices. These devices can include anything transmitting data, including tablets, smartphones, and any type of device that can be integrated into the cloud.

Added Security from Theft or Loss

Mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, are easily left behind, left unattended, or even forgotten by adults, teens, and children. These devices are also high-value items for thieves who are quick to grab electronics if they are left in a public location.

Uploading information from mobile devices and desktops to Secure Cloud Storage prevents the storage of this information on the device itself. It also eliminates the need to transfer files with sensitive data via email or other transfer methods that can be hacked.

Use Across Multiple Devices

Once the individual chooses a secure cloud storage system, all devices can upload data to that cloud. This means no need to configure the cloud for each device. Android, Windows-based, or iOS phones, tablets, desktops, and other devices can all upload to the same cloud.

Increased security from unwanted access to your personal information is another advantage. Two-factor authentication and full encryption keep your data safe while still allowing access from any of your mobile or desktop systems.

To learn more about Web Werks Personal Cloud and the secure storage we offer, visit us at www.webwerks.in. We offer a full range of cloud solutions to meet your needs.

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