Why Companies Choose To Use 3M Structural Adhesive

When it comes to successfully joining diverse components, many companies choose welding. However, there is an alternative. Instead of some form of metal or plastic melding, some businesses opt for 3M Structural Adhesive.

What Are Structural Adhesives?

Structural adhesives are a durable, industrial strength material producing more than a union between two or more components. The resulting joint is load bearing. Unlike simple glue or pastes, it is for use in engineering applications requiring lap shear strengths of a bare minimum of 1MPa and, typically more than 10MPa. Such products fall into several different types. The most common ones are epoxies and toughened acrylics.

Why Use Structural Adhesive?

Many engineers turn to this type of adhesive for several reasons. They, including the popular, durable and readily accessible 3M structural adhesive offer users several benefits including

 * Permanent, durable bonds that are stress resistant
 * Uniform distribution of stress, therefore, reducing the risk of stress concentration. This improves the durability of the item
 * Imbued resistance to various harmful substances, e.g. chemicals, corrosion, and environmental factors
 * Improved integrity by eliminating any holes present
 * Elastomeric flexibility which increases the ability of the component to resist fatigue caused by vibration
 * Enhanced aesthetic qualities providing a better quality surface/appearance without the need for further finishing processes
 * Freedom to design with lighter and more diverse materials
 * Reduction in costs including those of labor, material and time
 * Accuracy of application and ease of use

Overall, by using 3M and other types of structural adhesives, companies can improve their productivity and lower their costs.

Advantages of Employing 3M Structural Adhesive

Manufacturing companies trying to reduce costs but wanting to ensure the quality and durability of their components remains high can draw on various methods to produce solid joints. However, while welding remains popular, proponents of newer methods tout the advantages of switching. They note the savings inherent in utilizing such alternative methods as 3M structural adhesive.

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