How Can Social Security Disability Attorneys Help You?

In California, the Social Security Administration offers Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance for individuals with disabilities. The programs provide monthly benefits for the claimants and help them support themselves financially. Social Security Disability Attorneys assist claimants if they are denied the benefits.

Assessing the Denial of Benefits

The Social Security Administration must provide an exact reason for the claimant’s denial of benefits. For instance, the federal agency must have medical evidence that shows the claimant has the ability to work and support themselves. If the claim lacked enough evidence, the agency must specify what evidence is needed.

How Does the Condition Affect the Individual?

The medical evidence must show that the claimant’s condition prevents him or her from working in any industry. The physical or mental impairment must prevent them from performing any job duties and stop them from working in all industries, not just the field that they have worked in previously.

Is the Condition Curable?

If the claimant’s condition is curable, the medical evidence must show that the condition will last longer than one year. If the condition could be resolved in under a year, the Social Security Administration is within their rights to deny the claim. The doctor treating the claimant for the condition must provide detailed information about the treatment provided. He or she must explain how the treatment affects the claimant’s ability to work.

What Type of Medical Evidence was Submitted?

The attorney reviews the medical evidence submitted with the claimant’s application. Any inconclusive information must be updated and further explanations are needed. The medical records must show the exact diagnosis and when the doctor provided the assessment. The SSA needs to know the dates for all treatments and any information about improvements or the progression of the condition.

In California, the Social Security Administration manages hundreds of claims within a year. The federal agency must assess the disability claims according to the guidelines and laws issued by the state and federal government. If a claim is denied, the claimant must receive information about their rights and how to appeal the decision. Claimants who need more information about claims are encouraged to contact Social Security Disability Attorneys or visit right now. To see their business reviews visit Yelp page.

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