Why Choose Chicago Galleries Selling Large Paintings

Whether you’re an artist or a collector, you may have focused on small paintings in the past because you were too scared to go big. However, many Chicago galleries are now selling large artwork because that’s either what people want to buy/make or because there aren’t as many places that sell them.

The Problem With Selling

In most cases, artists were told that should only create a small painting each time because they’re easier to sell. While this can be true because they’re usually less expensive to make and buy, it’s all about the style and type of painting. More and more collectors are willing to pay more and find the space to hang it because they want all the detail and intricacy that a large painting can offer.

Both At Once

Chicago galleries are likely going to sell both big and small paintings to ensure that they tailor themselves to a wider range of people. However, you may find that one gallery specializes in larger versions while another focuses on smaller ones. Therefore, if you’re hoping to acquire a big painting, you’ll want to search for a specialty gallery that is more likely to offer what you want.

For The Painter

If you are an artist and are wondering which option to consider, the answer is that it depends on you. Some painters just cannot focus on a small canvas and want things to be big. Others prefer smaller canvasses because they take less time and give the artist more opportunities to create. Therefore, you should play around with different sizes until you find one you like.

Chicago galleries selling large paintings may seem impossible to find, but there is hope. Art Post Gallery specializes in bigger works of art, as well as framing, so visit them now to learn more.

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