Why Aquariums in New York Are So Popular

Although history shows that aquariums have been around in some form since ancient times, they were not really common until fairly recently. An English zoo display in 1851 turned fish watching into a hobby, but it wasn’t until electricity became abundant that Aquariums in New York became commonplace. In the last few years, companies like Aquarius Aquariums have been installing tanks in homes, businesses and medical offices. Artistic designs, professional maintenance, and media coverage have spurred a new fascination with indoor sea life.

Custom Tanks Can Be Art Forms

It is now common to find aquariums in public buildings. They range from 500-gallon hexagons to 90-gallon wall reefs. Designers who specialize in fish tanks design and installation often create them to be art. Both salt and fresh water styles are often housed in cabinets that complement surrounding decor. In-water decorations add interest, color, and beauty. Most have unique lighting that adds to their appeal. Homeowners often reach out to experts on sites like to have aquariums installed in walls, essentially turning them into wall art. In addition to adding beauty and elegance to spaces, the displays tend to be soothing.

Maintenance Experts Simplify Upkeep

The experts who install Aquariums in New York also maintain them. They offer 24/7 emergency service and will promptly fix broken mechanical equipment. Technicians carefully clean tanks and measure the health of the fish. Technicians monitor filters and repair or replace systems. They also educate clients and show them how to keep tanks healthy. They tailor services to clients’ schedules and offer single events as well as weekly, biweekly, or monthly programs.

Aquariums Have Made it to the Big Time

The media is also responsible for a renewed interest in aquariums. Tank and fish experts often work with commercial and movie makers to provide livestock or tanks for scenes. Their work includes backdrops for HBO’s series “Vinyl” and has appeared in Kate Spade layouts as well as the movie “Men in Black”.

Fish collecting and watching are not new, but aquarium specialists are now turning it into an art form. They create, install, and maintain a wide variety of fresh and saltwater tanks. Their work is not only seen in homes and businesses, but also in the media.

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