Analyzing the Signs of Addiction: What to Look Out for and How to Get Better

Regrettably, one of the worst sources of determining whether or not you have a substance abuse problem is yourself. In one form or another, we make excuses, justify our actions as necessary in face of the difficulties we encounter, and, in the end, state that what we are doing is just temporary until things get better. Unfortunately, things don’t really get better when you become increasingly addicted to drugs or alcohol. The best analogy to this statement is to think of your problem as a deep puncture wound in your skin, while drugs and alcohol are the band-aids that you put on top. On the surface, all seems well but in reality the problem festers underneath, and the band-aids just make it worse. This is why it is important to identify the signs of addiction in yourself and get the help you need before it becomes too late.

You Feel that You Cannot Stop

One of the best signs of knowing when you are addicted is if you cannot seem to stop. No matter how hard you try, the compulsions are simply too strong and you wind up taking more and more. This particular aspect is due to the physical dependency that you have developed, which creates a biological need for the drug or alcohol of choice that you keep on consuming.

You Value Your Addiction Over Your Family and Friends

Another clear sign that you have a problem is when you value your addiction over your interactions with your loved ones. Subconsciously, we know that when have an addiction that it is wrong but we can’t stop since its hold over us is too strong. In cases like these, we can’t help but simply hide our problems. This can be as simple as refusing to be a part of family events or as complex as cutting off all communication.

You Prefer Hiding Your Problem Instead of Confronting it

The last clear sign of having an addiction is that you prefer hiding it rather than confronting it. This can come in the form of justifying to ourselves that it is nothing, that it is only temporary or that it is simply a coping mechanism. Whatever the excuse may be, you are using it to justify to yourself that you need to hide it for as long as possible since other people don’t need to know about it.

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