Why a Humorous Speaker in Seattle WA Could Be Best

Have you ever attended a boring meeting and wished that you could be anywhere else, such as at the dentist for a root canal? Most people have been to such things and are forced to do so because they want to keep their job. While it can be disheartening for many employees, you can make it much more appealing if you hire a humorous speaker in Seattle WA. Laughter can help relieve stress and encourages others to be creative and work as a team. Therefore, by hiring someone funny, you’ve already started the creative juices flowing.

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In most cases, employees go into these meetings or training sessions knowing that they will be bored. They’ve already started figuring out how to doze without appearing to be asleep, so they’ve already decided not to listen or hear what is being taught. If you hire a humorous speaker in Seattle WA, they will break out the funnies, instantly turning those would-be snoozers into avid listeners. They’ll immediately pay attention to hear the next funny thing, which opens their minds and hearts to listen to the CEOs or whoever is up next.


While you may not realize it, your goal as the company owner or CEO is to create openness between the higher-ups and the employees. You want everyone to feel comfortable voicing opinions, but many employees either feel that it won’t make a difference or are too scared to try. When you hire a humorous speaker in Seattle, WA, you’re opening the door once more, allowing them to feel comfortable and let loose just a bit.

They won’t feel as though they’re being forced to do something and will be more honest with themselves and others, ensuring that there are no grudges and everyone can commit to teamwork.

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