How Coverage for SR-22 in Mundelein, IL Works

It is not a good idea in Illinois, or any state for that matter, to drive without the required insurance coverage. If you have been caught driving uninsured or with a suspended license, you need to show proof that you are insured following these events.

Financial Responsibility Insurance

Coverage for SR-22 in Mundelein, IL is also called financial responsibility insurance. This type of insurance plan is used to show proof to the Secretary of State’s office that you have purchased the insurance protection that is required by the state. If you have had your license suspended after being involved in an auto crash, you need to obtain financial responsibility insurance in this case as well.

Obtain the Protection Immediately

You also need SR-22 coverage if you have been convicted of three or more insurance violations. Therefore, to obtain the protection, contact an insurance company that is licensed to write this type of insurance plan. By choosing an agency that specializes in this type of protection, you can obtain the protection immediately. By choosing the right provider, you can show your commitment to financial responsibility. This insurance plan must be maintained for a period of three years.

Is This a First Offense?

The filing period for the insurance begins on the day you receive a restricted driver’s license. If your driving infraction is a first offense and you are over 21 years of age, you can apply for a judicial driving permit. The permit is available on the first day of the second month of a license suspension.

Clearing Your Driving Record

The sooner you purchase financial responsibility insurance, the better. Because an SR-22 stays on your driving record for three years, you can eventually have the notation removed from your insurance policy. The three-year period is the allotted time you are given to clear your driving record.

Make a Fresh Start Today

If you need to know more about financial responsibility insurance, click here for further details. Make sure you are meeting the state’s liability insurance requirements and make a fresh start today.

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