White Glove Service in Los Angeles for Your Fine Art

White glove service in Los Angeles for your fine art will help to preserve your art and ensure that it is safely stored, moved and installed. This type of service offers the highest standards of handling, care, installation and movement. Whenever your fine art has to be handled you want to be sure that you are hiring the company that takes your art as seriously as you do.

What to Expect

If you have ever been to a museum and caught a curator handling the art you will notice that they are always wearing white gloves. The reason that museum staff, gallery staff and other experts where white cloth gloves is because the oils on your hands can cause damage to fine art. When you have a company that offers white gloved services what you really are being offered is:

  • Very high standards of care
  • Expert handling
  • Services that are focused on preservation, protection and safety

High Standards

The term white gloves is both literal and figurative. A firm that offers this type of care is offering you standards that are strictly meant to be on par with excellence. Yes, they do wear white gloves but it is beyond what is worn. It is an approach and a commitment to excellence.

Expert Handling

This type of service is based on expert knowledge of the proper handling of fine art. It is understood that white gloves are used by experts in handling art.

Preservation, Protection and Safety

These services will help to preserve, protect and keep your fine art safe. The main goal is to always ensure the safety of your fine art.

Art Pack brings 40 years of experience to white glove services that will help to move, store and ship all of your fine art pieces safely!

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