Using Rustic Chandeliers to Accent Your Home

Although there are many styles and themes from which people can choose for interior design, rustic homes have maintained their popularity. This trend carries over to lighting; as a result a lighting choice that many people are making is purchasing rustic chandeliers. Georgia homeowners are finding that these chandeliers work well as focal points and enhance the rustic feel of their homes.

Why Choose Rustic Lighting?
Lighting is one of the best ways to show off one’s style when it comes to interior design and décor. Putting the right lighting fixture in the right place can change or enhance the mood of the room or simply accent a focal point within the room. Rustic lighting can serve as a centerpiece for a room or highlight natural wood furnishings. Rustic chandeliers especially can make for beautiful additions to any cabin or lodge – or any home decorated with pastoral touches.

Materials Used for Rustic Lighting
Chandeliers are an integral part of lighting living rooms, foyers and dining rooms. They function not only as light sources, but also as centerpieces for the space in which they are hung. Therefore, choosing the right type of rustic chandelier for your space is imperative. Rustic chandeliers can be made of many different materials. Chandeliers made of antlers have garnered quite a bit of attention in recent years. Chandeliers made of original or faux antlers are asymmetrical and, when done in a natural finish, can add a simple and sophisticated touch to a room.

Another popular style of rustic lighting is made of iron. These chandeliers can be wrought iron or can be cut into shapes such as bears, deer, trees, or any other variety of items, in order to fit in with a particular theme. Unsurprisingly, wood can be a component in a rustic lighting fixture. Although how it is used must be thought out carefully, this material lends itself to a room with a cabin-like feel. Finally, rawhide is another commonly used material for rustic lighting. Rawhide has a parchment-like appearance and gives off a warm glow when lit. This makes it a popular choice when constructing rustic lighting fixtures.

No matter which material fits best in your home, choosing a rustic chandelier is an excellent way to give a room a finished look. Choosing your lighting fixtures according to your interior design is a perfect way to highlight your attention to detail and to complete your home.

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