Where Is the Best Chicago Pizza in San Diego, CA?

For pizza lovers, there’s nothing tastier than traditional Chicago pizza. Imagine a warm, soft thick pizza stuffed with meat, vegetables, and sauce that’s topped with cheese. For anyone living on the West Coast, it may seem impossible to find. Thankfully, there is a place that serves Chicago pizza in San Diego, CA.

Pizza Order in San Diego, CA: What’s in a Slice?

A good slice of Chicago-style pizza has many variations. Regent’s menu has several options. The tasty Crust Hath

Risen is loaded with a mozzarella cheese blend mixed with bacon, hot honey, and jalapeños. Each slice comes with toasted pepperoni and cheese topping, making this one a favorite.

Customers can also check out the Popeye deep dish with spinach and aged mozzarella. Or there’s the classic Windy City special made of aged mozzarella and topped with Regent’s own marinara sauce. Plus, there’s the Veggie, with its blend of portabello mushrooms, vegetables, and aged mozzarella.

Customers can enjoy a side of their choice with each slice. There’s fried buffalo cauliflower, fries, or garlic knots. The menu also offers an option of mozzarella cheese sticks sprinkled with parmesan and a choice of ranch or marinara sauce.

Is There a Rewards Program for Customers?

The restaurant offers a rewards program for everyone. Customers can receive $5 off for every 100 points earned. Anyone can apply for a Regents Rewards card online or in person. Points accrue with every purchase and can be used anytime.

The site offers a complete menu with appetizers and sides. For more information about making a pizza order in San Diego, CA, visit Regents Pizzeria today.

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