Tips For Selecting Certified Document Translation Services

There are several methods available to translate documents from one language to another. However, when a precise translation of a document is required, human translation is the only way to ensure the message is captured accurately in the process.

Certified document translation services are used when the accuracy of the translation is critical. A certified translation includes a Certification of Authenticity signed by a certified translator. The certification attests to the accuracy of the translation from the original language. For example, legal documents, contracts, agreements, and information for immigration applications or passports usually require a certified translation.

Selecting the best company to provide certified document translation services provides peace of mind that the translation is correct and conveys the original document’s tone, intent, and content.

Look for Experience

Information on the company’s website should provide information on the years in business for the translation service. Review the services the translation service offers and read about the methods used in the process.

Review the Process

The best-certified document translation services use a multi-step process that involves reviews at each step. The company should also communicate with the client to ensure accurate rendering of the information.

Human Vs. AI Translation

There is a difference between translation using AI (Artificial Intelligence) software and humans. Human translation ensures the accuracy of tone, style, and message, something that AI or machines cannot provide.

The individuals working on the document should have both linguistic and subject matter expertise. Verifying this before hiring a translation service is essential for accuracy in the translated documents.

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