When to Call For Help With Mobile Auto Glass in Marana

It’s hard to know when to call for help with mobile auto glass in Marana. For many people, it may initially seem that a small crack in their auto glass is something that can be lived with, at least for a while. The main problem with this type of thinking is that most auto glass cracks don’t tend to stay small. Over time, most cracks will expand, and it is not unusual for them to grow until they have obscured a large part of the windshield. In any case, where even a small part of the driver’s vision is obscured, it is not only a big safety risk, but it is also a violation of vehicle inspection laws. Read on to find out about a couple of the most common kinds of auto glass cracks today.

The Spider Web Crack

Spider web cracks are extremely common. They most often happen when a small rock or other sharp object hits the windshield while driving. At the point of impact, there is usually a small amount of glass missing. Small lines that are sectioned off into segments will then develop, radiating outwards from the point of impact. This creates the appearance of a small spider web, one which can be extremely complex. Because there are so many tiny segments in this spider web crack, the glass is no longer safe once the crack develops. Even the smallest amount of pressure, for example a strike from a pebble while driving, could cause the entire spider web crack to collapse. In turn, this can cause a major windshield break. If this type of crack is dealt with right away, it can be stopped in many cases. The auto glass repair technician can drill a small hole into the impact point and fill it with a resin that will prevent spreading.

The Single Line

A single line, whether short or long, is perhaps the most common of all auto glass cracks. This kind of crack is also the most likely to spread. If the crack is dealt with immediately, the spreading can be prevented. As long as the line doesn’t impede proper driving vision, a repair is often preferred to a replacement when this type of crack occurs. If you need help with Mobile Auto Glass in Marana, you can contact us to learn more!

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