Finding A Reliable Roofer

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

If your roof is damaged in a storm or it has aged to the point where it needs replacing you will need the professional services of a roofer in Lisle. Like other things around the home, there is a tendency to begin looking only once it becomes a necessity. One thing about hiring a roofer, you will save yourself headaches and unnecessary expense if you limit your search to those that are licensed and insured.

Here are a few tips that may help you find the roofer your need:

A great place to begin looking for a qualified roofer is at the local builders supply. The people working in places such as this are filling orders daily for roofing materials; as a result they get to know the roofers. The counter staff can be a great source of names, especially those that buy the most; these people may also be able to point you in the direction of roofers who specialize in the specific roofing you have on your home.

Once you have pulled together a short list of candidates you need to go through a process to ensure you are hiring the best roofer in Lisle.

  *  Make sure the candidate is licensed and bonded do not hesitate to ask for documentary proof of this.

  *  It is imperative that they have skilled roofers are aware of the safety aspect of their job, accidents can happen. If the roofer is not insured and there is an accident your homeowners insurance will not cover this.

  *  Ensure that the company has a fixed location with an office and a yard for materials and equipment. In many cases when there has been a big storm, many dubious and unskilled characters prowl the neighborhood looking for employment. A fixed physical location indicates they are a legitimate company.

  *  Find out exactly how they clean up and dispose of material. You will want to have a roofer in Lisle that knows how to do the work as well as being environmentally aware, disposing of the rubble properly.
Expect a detailed proposal, one which outlines everything that they are going to do; this should be accompanied by a breakdown of the costs. With a detailed proposal it is easy to compare one proposal with another.

Once you get answers to these questions, you are in a better position to hire the best roofer in Lisle for your specific needs.

The roof on your home is your front line protection against the elements. For roofing repairs or replacement you will want the best roofer in Lisle IL. Showalter Roofing Service, Inc. is known for quality workmanship, integrity and honesty contact now.

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