When Is A Lock Change The Best Option?

When you change residences or roommates in Winnipeg, Manitoba, you need to ensure the premises are secure. There are two basic ways of accomplishing this. One is to rekey your existing lock; the other is to change the lock. This article looks at situations when a lock change is the best option.

Replacing Your Locks

People have different reasons for replacing their locks. The most common is to ensure the ongoing integrity of their home or business. They change the locks to safeguard the security of the property. In Winnipeg, the most common reasons for changing locks are:

  • To improve security. Upgrading locks can enhance the existing system. Towards this goal, you can select from a wide variety of locks including those offering high levels of security and electronic locks
  • To replace worn down or worn out locks. Sometimes a locksmith may find he or she can no longer rekey the lock and must replace it
  • To improve the aesthetics of the business or home. Many people opt for a lock change to match the color or design of their premises
  • To accommodate a disability. Choices include a lever handle lock
  • To provide the same brand of lock or type of keyway throughout the home, office or business

These rationales are not mutually exclusive. You can improve security, and make your home more attractive and secure, by changing the locks of your residence or business.

Opting for a Lock Change

When there is an issue with entrance security, you can ask a locksmith to either rekey the existing locks or replace them with new ones. While both do satisfy the desire for security, they are not always interchangeable. In certain instances, the best option is a lock change. In Winnipeg, those who want to upgrade the level of security, make the locks more disabled-friendly or find the need to improve the overall aesthetics of their home or business, choose to change the locks.

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