What to Look for in a Frame Shop in Los Angeles

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Web Design

There are many things to consider when looking for a frame shop in Los Angeles. Do they have experience in framing a particular type of art? Will a frame shop know what is necessary to preserve and protect the piece?

Are They a Full-Service Frame Shop?

Before you start working with any frame shop, it’s important to determine whether they perform the following:

  • Residential framing: The right framing for your photographs
  • Commercial framing: Perfect for office art
  • Art printing: Take your masterpiece and print it in any size
  • Jersey framing: Protect your beloved sports jersey and put it in a perfect setting

Showcasing Your Art

Whether it’s that perfect photograph you took on a vacation or your grandmother’s needlepoint canvas, you want to be sure a frame shop in Los Angeles knows how to showcase it so it looks its best. While both pieces of art need a frame and glass, the process is different for each because one requires canvas stretching and blocking, while the other might need a different type of glass to enhance its look.

Experience in Framing Treasures

That signed football or basketball jersey you treasure from your favorite player needs the perfect touch. Trusting it to a frame shop that has extensive experience in framing treasures is just what you need to show off your pride and joy collectible.

Knowing Which Mat to Select and Frame

Your diploma from a prestigious school or a featured article from the local newspaper deserves the best matting and framing. Using a single, double or triple mat, along with a frame, should enhance the piece, not overpower it. It serves to present and protect your item. When someone views it, they should be impressed with your achievement. The proper selection from a professional frame shop in Los Angeles can help you achieve that goal.


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