Barska Scopes: The Good and The Better

Many hunters will agree that Barska scopes are well-built and reliable. Plus, they are more affordable than many of the other options on the market. For those that are working within a budget when trying to purchase all their hunting supplies, Barska is probably the way to go due to the range of scopes available.

3 Barska Scope Reviews

1. Barska 1-4×28 IR Hunting Scope: This is the best Barska for hunting because of the magnification variables. It also has a very durable body, and you can shoot with great accuracy at 300-400 yards. The optical quality is top-tier, and the multi-coating on the lenses keeps things looking sharp even in inclement weather conditions. The best things about this scope include the clear optics, the durability, the illuminated reticle, the ability to vary the magnification and the fine crosshair.

2. Barska 4×32 IR: This is the best Barska for an AR-15 because of the more than reasonable price tag. It is great for short, mid, and long-range shots, and it is full of features that are so practical for usage. It is made of an aluminum alloy, and it clocks in at just 10 oz. It is scratch resistant due to the anodized finish. The wins for this scope include how lightweight it is, how easy it is to zero in, and the super durable way it was constructed.

3. Barska 1×30 IR M-16 Electro Sight Riflescope: This is an ideal scope for hunting because of the excellent quality you get at a reasonable price point. The seven-point reticle adjustments will help your speed which is important if you want to shoot competitively. The mount is steady no matter the recoil and it has a low profile. The best things about this scope are the fact that it is lightweight and very easy to mount, it has multi-coated ruby lenses and the fact that it is so solid on recoil-heavy rifles.

4. Barska 3-9×32 Plinker-22 Riflescope: This is the best scope if you are a traditionalist with your rifle choices. It boasts finger-adjustable turrets, and it works well for shorter ranges. Plus, it has a 95% accuracy rate at 100 yards. The best things about this scope are the finger adjustable turrets and the variable magnification.

As you can see from these Barska scope reviews, Barska is a reliable option for a scope that is of good quality and won’t break the bank.

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