What To Expect With Cremation Services In Oakland CA

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Cremation Service

Cremation is an increasingly popular option for those planning funeral services. If you are considering cremation for yourself or a loved one, you may have questions about the process and what to expect. Once you have a better understanding of cremation near Oakland CA, you can make an informed decision.

What is Cremation?

Cremation near Oakland CA is a process that involves reducing a body to ashes through high-intensity heat. The process usually takes place in a specially-designed cremation chamber, also known as a retort. Today, cremation is chosen by over 50% of Americans who plan their funerals in advance.

The Cremation Process

The first step in the cremation process is obtaining a death certificate and authorizing the cremation from the next of kin. Once these documents are in order, the body will be prepared for cremation.

The body is then placed in the retort and subjected to intense heat, usually between 1,500- and 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, until all that remains are bone fragments and ashes. These fragments are then swept into a cooling chamber where they will be allowed to cool for several hours before being processed into finer particles.

What Happens to the Ashes?

Once the cremated remains have cooled and been processed into fine particles, they will be placed in an urn or other container chosen by the deceased or their family members. The ashes can then be scattered, buried, or kept at home as a memorial to the deceased.

If you are interested in cremation near Oakland CA, we are here for you at Cathedral of Christ the Light Mausoleum. For more details, visit us today.

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