What to Expect After Tooth Extractions in Effingham IL

From time to time, there is no real point in attempting to salvage a tooth. Even with fillings, the tooth is so far gone that the most practical approach is to remove it. When Tooth Extractions in Effingham IL are necessary, it pays for patients to make some plans for recovering from the procedure.

Here are some tips that will help.

Taking Pain Relievers – Once the tooth is out and whatever was used to numb the area begins to wear off, the patient may experience significant pain. Many will reach for some type of oral medication to help ease the discomfort. When doing so, always opt for something that does not cause any thinning of the blood. Ask the dentist for recommendations on the types of over the counter pain relievers to use and which ones to avoid. That will make it easier to avoid slowing down the clotting process that is important to allowing the area to heal.

Dealing with Swelling – The dentist will also likely recommend using some sort of cold compress to help ease the swelling that may occur. Opt for some sort of ice pack that helps to keep the area relatively numb. That numbness will not interfere with the healing of the now empty socket, but it will aid in keeping the swelling to a minimum. Even using a bag of frozen vegetables to hold against the cheek near the socket will make a huge difference.

Changing the Dressing – After Tooth Extractions in Effingham IL, dentists typically pack sockets with something that helps to protect the nerves as the healing begins. Follow the instructions of the professional in terms of changing out the packing or dressing. In most cases, this will only have to be done once or twice. After that, the dressing is no longer needed. There are a number of other tips that can help make the recuperation period easier to manage. Click Here for more information on extractions and how to take care of the area once a tooth is removed. Planning ahead will make it all the easier to be comfortable and promote the healing process.

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