What Should You Know About Dementia Care in NJ

It can be quite a challenge to care for a loved one with dementia. People who become afflicted with it lose some types of brain function, and this alters their memory, speech, and behavior. Their judgment is also generally impaired, which makes care and supervision from others necessary. At first, the person may forget about performing certain tasks, such as taking medication, and may need a reminder.

Because of their forgetfulness, a home may need to be modified for safety. People with early dementia may also need help with life tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene. As the condition progresses, a person’s nervous system is negatively affected, and this makes it difficult to control muscle function. At this stage, the level of care needed is more intense, because the person may be unable to get out of bed, dress, or eat on his or her own. Many people cannot be available at all times in order to provide what is needed. There are some options for Dementia Care in NJ.

For those people that have moderate dementia, an assisted living facility may be the best option for Dementia Care in NJ. These facilities provide for their needs, while still offering some degree of independence. The residents live in their own housing units that have been designed with their needs in mind. The kitchens may not have stoves, and the heating is regulated outside of their control. The grounds have security protocols in place to protect the residents from wandering off, or from unwanted visitors.

Part of the advantages of this option is the focus on integrating the residents into a community. Social interaction is important and has been shown to lessen the severity of the progression of dementia. The facilities often maintain their own activities, as well as provide transportation for the residents to take part in medical appointments and shopping.

Those who need to make decisions about the care of loved ones should be informed. Assisted living facilities are regulated and licensed by the state. So, it’s a good idea to find out about the records for the facility of interest. Click Regency Memory Care Club for more information.

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