What Makes Pressure Sensitive Labels So Popular?

Pressure sensitive labels essentially work like your basic stickers, the kind you could buy for your kids. The difference is that they’re typically made with industrial-grade adhesive, ensuring a perfect bond with the product to which they are applied. They are among the most versatile and popular labels available. Here’s why:

No Heat Required

Many labels achieve a strong bond with the surface of the packaging by the application of heat. This is fine if you’re producing, say, windshields or metal PC casing. When you’re producing something plastic, the heat required to bond the label can damage the product. Heat can likewise harm food products. Pressure sensitive labels are attached without any concern for heating.


Some labels are attached with chemicals that are perfectly safe for the product, but maybe not so much for the consumer. These chemical compounds can make food inedible and toys dangerous for children. Pressure sensitive labels sidestep this concern entirely.

Easy to Use

Pressure sensitive just means that all it takes to apply the label is a little pressure. This is perfect if you could use heat or chemical compounds to apply labels, but you just don’t have the facilities to do it correctly or safely, or if you’d just like to save some money in the budget.

For being among the safest, most affordable, and most versatile labels available, pressure sensitive labels or PSL’s, are also the most popular. Whether you need to apply the label to glass, plastic, paper, or metal, they offer a convenient, easy, safe option for labeling whatever it is that you produce.

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