What is RCM Coding and Why Is It Important in the Medical World?

Unless you work in the world of medical billing and coding, it is very unlikely that you are familiar with the term “RCM coding,” as it falls under the category of technical jargon. However, if you are a doctor or work in a doctor’s office at all, this is an extremely important term to understand. It is worth taking a few moments to understand this term in greater detail to determine why it is so important and how it impacts everyone involved in the medical process: doctors, the staff who keep their offices running, and most importantly, the patients themselves.

What Does RCM Coding Stand For?

In the world of medical billing and coding, RCM coding refers to coding that has to do with revenue cycle management, or RCM. Using a series of systems that are overseen by highly specialized medical billing software, RCM coding is the means by which a healthcare provider oversees the logistical aspects of treating a patient. This allows them to track patient care, from the appointment process on, and eventually, the cycle will end with the final payment of the balance owed.

Why is RCM Coding Important in the Medical World?

RCM coding is very important in the medical world because it allows for a unification of the medical and business sides of the healthcare profession. Simply put, RCM coding is the means by which doctors are able to communicate with the insurance companies and, eventually, be compensated for their services. Without this system in place, it would be very difficult for doctors to be compensated for their services, as everyone would have to pay for treatment out of pocket, which would quite obviously not be possible.

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