Concrete Fabric In Australia: Many Uses

Concrete itself is a mixture of fine and coarse aggregate, cement, and water. It’s freshly mixed onsite and can be moulded into the appropriate shape. While there are advantages of using it alone, it is not flexible once it hardens. Of course, you can shape it as you see fit until it sets, but you may require something that moves or shifts, especially if you deal with waterways. Therefore, concrete fabric in Australia is something you should consider. It was initially developed by the British Engineering Company, and it is commonly called concrete canvas or concrete cloth.

Concrete fabric in Australia is a proprietary material. It can be used in a variety of applications throughout the civil engineering and building industry. It’s flexible, and the fabric is impregnated with cement so that it hardens when water is added to it. It forms a durable, thin, fireproof, and waterproof concrete layer. With it, you don’t need to have mixing or plant equipment; you just position the concrete cloth where you need it to be and add water, such as with a sprayer. It is designed to have a lifespan of over 10 years and is easier and more cost-effective to install compared to traditional concrete.

Infrastructure Technologies Australia offers a variety of products for infrastructure owners that need critical containment solutions. You can find Aqualiner and Sewertough, both of which are designed to fix a degrading concrete infrastructure. Aqualiner is a polymer-cementitious coating that bonds either non-woven or woven geofabric. It acts as a waterproof liner made of concrete. Aquaseal is also similar, though it includes four different products to help you combat a variety of concrete infrastructure issues. You can also find Acid Coat, which remediates any degraded concrete that has been exposed to acidic solutions or vapours, including wine and fruit juice.

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