What Is PAVE Software And How Can It Benefit You?

PAVE software, also known as Presort Accuracy, Validation, and Evaluation is a process that was designed with the USPS to evaluate presort products and determine how accurate they are in sorting files and addresses according to DMM (Domestic Mail Manual) standards. It can be used by anyone who sends mail to customers and other companies, whether it’s First Class Mail, Standard Mail, parcels, or periodicals.


You’ve got many options when it comes to PAVE software, which can lead you feeling overwhelmed as to which one to select. In most cases, you’ll want the most comprehensive and powerful product available, especially if you have bulk mailings frequently. It can be helpful for mailing campaigns and direct marketing campaigns, as well as those who serve people through the mailing system.

Likewise, you may notice that you’re qualified for postage discounts through the USPS because you’ve presorted your mail and it is accurate.


Primarily, you want something that will be easy to use because it will make it easier for employees to do it themselves. Likewise, you want something that updates itself and uses the most current USPS regulations. It’s also designed to work with a wide variety of platforms and databases, so you shouldn’t have to change your current programming.

Look for something that will presort all types of mail, including machinable parcels, flats, and letters. Likewise, it should handle all classes of mail, including packages, Standard Mail, and First-Class.

It is also designed to presort to all levels, including carrier routes, an enhanced line of travel, three and five-digit presorting with their various schemes, and much more. You may also be able to change the background and make it more suitable for your particular needs, such as larger icons, sliding screens, and more.

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