A Better Way to Analyze Data for Superior Infection Control Surveillance

Every healthcare setting needs to be super vigilant when it comes to infection control measures and overall health and safety monitoring and processes designed to protect staff, visitors and vulnerable patients from becoming ill. Now, there is a revolutionary new and better way to collect and analyze each facility’s unique health-related data to provide superior infection control surveillance so important during this Covid-19 pandemic.

The Ability to Quickly Collect & Control Healthcare Data Offers More Healthier Outcomes

Most hospitals, nursing homes and doctor clinics have their own versions of infection control policies and procedures that all staff must follow. These health and safety processes need to meet each state’s current infection control mandates that seek to lower the risks of unnecessary cross-contamination through sick patients, dirty inanimate objects and through other trackable means.

Taking Your Facility’s Real Time Date for Better Infection Control Surveillance & Improved Outcomes

The data needed is likely already there, but hospital managers and the staff members that provide direct patient contact and other important ancillary services need a fast, accurate and effective method to chart and report infection control breaks to get that valuable information data to those people charged with overseeing the bigger infection control plan site wide. Part of what makes this system work so well is the blending together of important data both from the clinical and the business end of everyday management of the entire healthcare operation.

Decrease Preventable Infections with Immediate Isolation to Save Costs

Customize and streamline entire hospital data processes through a reliable intelligence platform.

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