What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

GPS fleet tracking has become standard practice for New Jersey businesses. Even if your company only has one commercial vehicle, GPS fleet tracking systems can help you cut costs, minimize losses, and ensure the safety of your employees and your products. You can also use GPS fleet tracking to perform strategic management of operations and costs.

With GPS fleet tracking, a small, innocuous device is placed either on the vehicle or on containers. The device sends signals to software hosted either by you or a third party. You can then keep track of where your assets are at every minute of the day and night in real time.

Another benefit of GPS fleet tracking is that it helps you to monitor your drivers for their own safety, and also to manage fuel costs. GPS tracking allows you to help your drivers reach your customers more efficiently, improving your customer service performance. You can also use the data you collect from the GPS fleet tracking to effectively manage the routes your drivers take to improve your scheduling, logistics and operational costs in the future.

GPS fleet tracking helps you recover from losses and prevent loss from occurring. Because you can place the RFID trackers on containers, your assets can be tracked even when there is a breach. The GPS fleet tracking helps you to recover stolen or compromised goods immediately.

Monitoring your assets and human resources is easier with GPS fleet tracking. Most companies in New Jersey find the technology indispensables, helping them gain more accurate readings on variable costs and helping them to deliver a higher quality of care to clients. Call On Trak today to learn more about how you can benefit from GPS fleet tracking.

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