Pruning And Decorating Spruce Trees And Other Tree Services In East Lyme CT

Small spruce trees that are going to be decorated for the holiday season should be pruned prior to adorning branches with ornaments. The following steps describe how to trim branches that are overgrown and damaged. After completing tree services in East Lyme, CT, some glittery ornaments and sparkling lights can be added to branches to provide evergreens with a festive and alluring appearance.

Tools And Materials

*      anvil pruners

*      bypass pruners

*      metal or wood ladder

*      fabric covered gloves

*      power mulching machine

*      compost bin

*      ornaments

*      hooks

*      string lights

*      flood lights

*      plastic snow flakes

Locate And Trim Overgrown Or Damaged Branches

If an individual would like spruce trees to resemble Christmas trees that one may find in homes, trees should have a pointed top and should have limbs that taper outwards. Anvil pruners are a tool that contains a single blade. This tool can be used to cut through thin or moderately thick branches. If branches are long and several inches thick, a pair of bypass pruners can be used to trim them.

Anvil pruners and bypass pruners should both be used to cut through a wood at an angle to prevent damage to spruce trees. Clippings can be added to a mulching machine to cut wood into small pieces. If mulch is not needed, branches can be placed inside of a compost bin. A company that provides tree services in East Lyme, CT can be hired to remove tree clippings or cut branches into smaller pieces of wood.

Secure Ornaments And Lights To Branches

A metal ornament hook should be inserted through the top of each ornament that is being used to decorate spruce trees. Ornaments should be placed near the tips of tree branches so that adornments can clearly be seen. Light strings need to be wound around branches so that lights do not loosen from trees when it is windy outside.

Add Flood Lights And Artificial Snow

If flood lights are placed around the base of each spruce tree, the lights will assist with highlighting the trees and making it easier for someone to view ornaments that have been added to branches. After plugging in flood lights, bulbs should be aimed toward each tree. Plastic snow flakes can be poured onto the property that surrounds spruce trees to provide the illusion that it has snowed.

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