What if I Don’t Really Have That Much Material for Shredding?

Customers value flexibility. Business is fast moving, and unpredictable and new needs can arise at any moment. Seasonal changes in business will force companies to improvise a little in their business relationships. This has a direct impact on their shredding needs. It makes no sense for a company to schedule biweekly shredding for their private data and reports if the business does not have the business necessary to fulfill that need. But many companies deal with fluctuating volumes of paper, and they ask this question pertaining to shredding sources- What if I don’t really have that much material for shredding? A shredding company is always flexible and works on the schedule of the client.

Timeliness and Lawful Security

Unfortunately, there is another problem at hand, and it has to do with the law. The law requires certain practices in the shredding of private information for purposes of overseen security. There are various stipulations in regards to paper volume and capacity, as well as the maintenance of the machinery. The second aspect in particular is why so many companies outside their paper shredding in the first place.

Companies that have inconsistent volumes of paper needing to be shred face a problem of timeliness. The law enforces that papers must be shredded within a certain period of time. This is to avoid volumes of papers sitting in an office somewhere and vulnerable to prying employees or identity theft. With this in mind, a company cannot just legally hold onto a paper for the year and schedule an end of the year shred. They are also not able to just hold off on monthly shedding because there is a low volume for this schedule.


What if I Don’t Really Have That Much Material for Shredding? The answer to this question is that it does not matter as long as the law is being met. Maintenance can be scheduled to occur at certain times and certain days. But visits can be cancelled and adjusted if necessary. There is no penalty if a customer has three papers that need to be legally shed or 3,000. The flexibility in service and the lack of any standard minimum is what makes working with a top-tier shredding company so easy.

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