How to Register .Ke Domains

To register .Ke domain, there are just a few simple steps to follow and minimal paperwork to file. First choose what kind of a web address you want and qualify for. There are several different levels, and they each provide a separate function. The most relevant levels are for companies, for non-profits or NGOs and for mobile site content. These three types of a web address do not require any supporting documentation. Government entities, institutions of higher learning and lower learning institutes can apply for .go,ke, and respectively. These three particular domains all require the submission of supporting documents. Usually, the necessary documents are to certify registration with the appropriate ruling body or entity. These must be submitted to the Kenya Network Information Center or KENIC.

After choosing the appropriate domain, pick a name and do a WHOIS search to make sure the name is available to register. If it is, go to the KENIC website and find a local registrar. Then, ask them to register the name for you. Following proper payment, the domain is yours to use. Especially for those who must give supporting documents, it may be wise to higher a firm to help with domain registration. Sometimes names are taken or navigating the red tape is too time-consuming. Outsourcing is common and is a viable option for those who must focus on other business related tasks.

The fee to register .ke domain is comparable to the global norm according to KENIC. This is so businesses do not have too many obstacles in getting larger access. The level of the domain will affect the size of the required fee. Each year there will be a renewal fee. The invoice is sent three months before the expiration date. You can pay the fee with 30 days of receiving the bill. If a payment is not received before the expiry date, the domain will be suspended pending payment. The site may be de-registered and/or deleted if the fee is not paid. This means another company is free to purchase the web address. Suspended accounts can be given to other enterprises that offer to register it for a minimum of three years.

When a business does register .ke domain, the website can be accessed around the world. However, there is a greater chance of getting the perfect catchy name because competition is not as fierce as the more global .com market. The website is attached to Kenya and will be more likely to come up in local search engine results, which can be very beneficial for any Kenyan company.

Register .ke domain to get a unique web address for your company. A catchy site name can bring in customers and web traffic so register .ke domain to get started.  To know more visit us website.

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