What Fathers Can Do If They Aren’t Sure Their Child is Really Theirs

There’s no greater joy in a man’s life than becoming a father. Sadly, sometimes becoming a new dad isn’t a positive experience. In situations where men doubt that they are the biological father of a child that the mother is claiming to be theirs, fatherhood can be a complicated and heartbreaking experience.

If you have doubts that your child is actually yours, there are steps you can take to learn the truth and find a resolution that will be fair to all parties. Here’s what you need to do next if you aren’t sure if your child is really yours.

Take a Paternity Test

Paternity tests in Coral Springs, FL, are readily available. Many fathers will try to determine if a child is genuinely theirs by simply looking at them and trying to identify shared physical traits. While this can give you some idea as to whether or not a baby is really yours, it isn’t an exact form of measurement. Indeed, a paternity test is crucial if you want to answer the question once and for all.

Seek Legal Assistance

If the child’s mother is refusing a paternity test, you might need to get an attorney. Furthermore, you’ll need a lawyer if you discover that the child is not yours but you’re listed as the child’s legal father on their birth certificate. Unfortunately, paternity suits are a complicated legal matter and you’ll need the help of a good lawyer who will fight for fairness.

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