Services to Receive from a Physical Therapy Sepcialist in Swedesboro, NJ

After you suffer an injury or serious illness, you may need to spend additional time healing and regaining your strength. Once you are discharged from the hospital, you could be referred to a facility where you can undertake an exercise and dietary program designed to heal your body.

Anticipating what lies ahead of you during your recovery program can be overwhelming and nerve wracking, however. You can expect to receive these services from a physical therapy specialist in Swedesboro NJ.

Strength Training

Your physical therapy specialists in Swedesboro, NJ, will create an individualized strength training program designed to rebuild your bones and muscles. The training can involve lifting hand weights to structure your shoulders and arms. It can also involve lifting weights with your legs to strengthen your legs, hips and knees.

These exercises can seem strenuous at first. However, your therapist will work out alongside of you and be on hand to lend support if you get tired or need assistance. After a few weeks of working out, you could regain much if not all of your former strength.


Another big component of regaining your strength involves walking. A serious injury or illness can rob you of your ability to walk normally. Your therapist will have you walk with a walker or crutches until you regain your mobility.

You can find out more about going to a physical therapy specialists in Swedesboro, NJ, online. You can make an appointment to visit the rehab facility in person if you prefer.

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