What Exactly Can a Customer Expect From Insect Control in Pittsburgh, PA?

Insect control in the Pittsburgh area always starts with an inspection of the property to make certain that the exterminator finds and removes the entire nest. The exterminator also provides emergency service 24/7.

What Is the Stinging Insect Prevention Program?

The Stinging Insect Control Program is an initiative designed to aid insect control in Pittsburgh, PA. The exterminator will carefully inspect the property looking for possible sites for nesting or breeding. Such sites can include ledges, crevices, or cracks. After finding such places, the exterminator will coat them with a special solution that kills any stinging insects currently living there and repels future invaders. The treatment will last the entire season.

What Makes This Pest Control Company Special?

This pest-control company is a father-and-son operation that dates back to the 1980s. The father is a former beekeeper who noted that other pest control companies had trouble dealing with stinging insects like bees, wasps, and yellowjackets. He thus established a pest control company that specialized in stinging insects, and he used his knowledge of their habits to develop effective ways of controlling them.

What Is a Cicada Killer?

A cicada killer is a large wasp that looks like a giant yellow jacket and can be over 1.5 inches long. As the name suggests, it hunts cicadas. It also lives in underground burrows. While a cicada killer is not particularly aggressive, it will give a person or animal a painful sting if someone handles or steps on it.

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