What Does a Paternity Lawyer in Jefferson County, MO Do?

A paternity lawyer practices within the field of family law. He or she specializes in handling cases where the paternity of a child is contested or generally in question. Both mothers and purported fathers interested in establishing paternity are advised to hire a Paternity Lawyer in Jefferson County MO, particularly when a suit has been filed, or will be filed.

Common issues that come up surrounding paternity include custody disputes and child support. During a custody dispute, a man may want to prove that he is the biological father in order to fight for custody of his child. A Paternity Lawyer in Jefferson County MO could then help him obtain a court order for a paternity test. When it comes to child support, most purported fathers are trying to prove that they are not related. These men can also hire a lawyer to obtain paternity tests and contest child support suits.

Mothers often require legal help and advice when the fathers of their children refuse to pay child support, or request full or partial custody of children whose paternity is contested. In both of these cases, the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to reach a settlement is out of court. Most of the time no one involved wants to fight a protracted legal battle, and out-of-court settlements can be reached easily with a little legal help. However, should a courtroom trial prove necessary, both involved parties are entitled to legal representation.

Because paternity lawyers have a comprehensive knowledge of relevant case law, they can apply these skills to both requesting and reading paternity tests, and to challenging their results. They can also help to collect information and evidence about the child’s parents and their family history. When courtroom trials prove necessary, often expert witnesses will need to be called. Finding relevant experts is also within the purview of a paternity lawyer.

Any legal suit can place a lot of stress on both parties involved, but having access to necessary advice and services can help to mitigate that stress. Need help understanding legal options when it comes to child support, custody, or other issues pertaining to parents’ rights and responsibilities? Click Here to learn more about contesting paternity, and other relevant areas of family law.

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