Electrocueticals – A Peek into the Not So Distant Future of Medicine

You have probably heard (and perhaps experienced) electric muscle stimulation therapy. By connecting an electric current to the skin (through electrodes) muscles can be directly stimulated without receiving a signal from the brain. This technique is often used in physical therapy and can provide relief from muscle problems and exercise muscles in paralyzed patients. However, this is just the beginning when it comes to electrical therapy and electrocueticals offer a wide range of benefits and hope for many in the coming years. Let’s check out this amazing therapy and how it works.

Electrocuetical = Pharmaceutical Plus Electricity

If you combine the two words, “electricity” and “pharmaceutical” you get a new term known as electro-cuetical. This applies to electrical devices which can alter or assist certain bodily functions. Electric medical devices are nothing new and have been used for years in the creation of heart pacemakers for cardiac patients and cochlear implants to help the deaf hear. However, a new generation of bio-electronic aids (electrocueticals) is being developed and offers a great deal of promise.

What Can These Devices Do?

Today’s bio-electric devices are designed to take the place of some medications. For example, in order to treat many autoimmune disorders, a doctor may prescribe immune suppressive drugs, which can sometimes cause catastrophic side effects. Once the immune system is suppressed, the body is open to a wide array of infections and disease. In fact, the treatment can sometimes be worse than the illness.

New electrocueticals are designed to keep the immune system from attacking the body without suppressing the entire immune response, removing the risk of serious complications.

A Cure for Obesity?

With the help of bio-electric technology, it might be possible to trigger the body to “turn off” the hunger urge and effectively suppress appetite in many people struggling with weight problems today. The future is unlimited.

Neo Tech is on the forefront of innovative new technology like electrocueticals.

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