What are the Responsibilities of Registered Law Schools in Los Angeles

The essence of regulating law schools is to ensure that they offer services that are up to the standards set by the Committee of Bar Examiners. This is the body mandated by the law to register and regulate law schools in Los Angeles. A registered law school must meet the standards set out by this committee. Here are fundamental standards that law schools are expected to meet:

Lawful Operations

All the operations of a law school should comply with the laws and regulations set out by the relevant authorities in Los Angeles. Violation of federal laws, state laws, and local laws and regulations can attract heavy penalties or even deregistration of the school.


The law schools must uphold the integrity in all their programs, operations, as well as in all other affairs they may engage in. They must be honest when admitting students, hiring staff, setting, and administering exams and other activities.

Proper governance

Governance, organization, and administration of law schools must be conducted in a manner to ensure that sound educational programs are provided. Since the students pay dearly for these programs, all law schools must ensure they get value for their money. The programs of legal education must also be sound and addressing students and market needs.

Sound admissions Policies

Only qualified students should be admitted, and they must have reasonable prospects of completing a degree program at the time of admission. At the time of application, the students should be served with admission requirements together with the application forms to ensure that they are aware of admission rules and regulations.

Well Equipped Library

Every registered law school should have a library maintained to the standards set by Committee of Bar Examiners. This Committee carries out regular inspection on these libraries to ensure that the standards set are maintained.

Equal opportunities and no discrimination

The law schools should provide equal opportunities to people aspiring to study law. No discrimination should be exhibited in hiring, retention, and promotion of staff. Discrimination about sex, color, religion, disability, age, marital status, among others should not be condoned.
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