What a Victim of Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Do for You

It’s easy for victims of domestic violence to feel trapped in their situation, especially when children are involved, but there are some things that one can do. In addition to the various self-help resources, it may be worth retaining a victim of domestic violence lawyer to help you move past the situation.

Lawyers have likely handled similar situations in the past and will be able to offer emotional support in addition to their legal services. With a lawyer close to you throughout the process, you can hopefully feel more confident as you work your way out of your situation. Contact the Law Office of Cynthia Ann Harris for a compassionate approach to your domestic violence case.

Restraining Orders and Lawsuits

A domestic violence attorney will be able to help you file lawsuits and even get protective orders in place to give you some peace of mind. A lawsuit might be necessary if you are trying to seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, or other financial losses. However, a victim of domestic violence lawyer can also help you get restraining orders that prohibit abusers from making contact with you.

The details of your restraining order may depend on your situation. Some protective orders prohibit the abuser from owning firearms, while others will require him or her to move out of the home.

Filing for Divorce

Most of the time, a victim of domestic violence lawyer deals will a variety of family-related cases, including divorce. As a result, finding a nearby lawyer ensures that you have somebody to represent you in court and advocate for your cause.

When you work with a dissolution legal separation lawyer, you are also protecting your children and your assets. Your lawyers can help you get custody of your children and other assets that are at risk.

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