How to Find Premium Intermodal Shipping in Chicago

Intermodal shipping is always meant to involve multiple forms of transportation, and so it may not always be as efficient or fast as desired. However, if you are eager to find the fastest and most experienced provider of intermodal shipping in Chicago, it helps to know just what to look for and what questions to ask about their services.

The Key Factors in Top Rate Intermodal Shipping in Chicago

To find the right provider of intermodal shipping, begin with the company’s reputation. What are the customers actually saying about their experiences? What about the drivers? Some of the key factors to emphasize here would be dependability, time efficiency, cost effectiveness and the length of time that any company has been operating.

The next set of factors to consider would emphasize the firm’s overall performance and capabilities. For example, do they have 24/7 services (both deliveries and pick up services)? What about efficiency via such tools as GPS navigation and tracking of deliveries? Are the drivers reliable, secure and qualified? What about factors that could impact services such as traffic or even weather conditions? And are the yards secure and monitored?

Naturally, you’ll need to be sure that any provider of intermodal shipping in Chicago has access to the key yards and terminals (i.e. Joliet International Terminal, CN Gateway intermodal yard, and so on).

And though it may not seem like a major factor in your relationship with an intermodal shipping provider, it pays to find out about their level of financial commitment to the equipment used in all of their operations. As an example, does the firm use what is known as an “asset based drayage” model? If so, that means they probably have the most up to date and dependable fleets. This is good news to customers because it is a factor that can greatly affect the final results of their shipping projects. After all, there is no reliance on sub-contracted firms that own key components and who may not maintain gear to the best standards.

There is much to know about a provider, and if you are seeking truly premium intermodal shipping in Chicago, get in touch with the team at Larry’s Cartage Company. Specializing in intermodal shipping since the 1980s, the company focuses on quick and efficient deliveries, they offer the kinds of services and attention you need to get the best results. You can contact them online or by phone at 603-920-0772.

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