What 4 Things (at a Minimum) are Required for a Restaurant Permit in Los Angeles?

by | Apr 30, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

There is one diabolical myth in running a restaurant that many people are unaware of. A restaurant permit is actually a series of many smaller permits, both national and localized. It is not a document one just applies for and gets. A restaurant permit is only dispersed once a long checklist of other criteria is met. It can also be taken away for any number of reasons, and there really is not much one can do about it.

Still interested? The answer is probably yes because smart business-minded individuals know that obtaining a Restaurant Permit in Los Angeles and running an LA business is one of the most prolific and profitable ideas out there. It is not easy, and the path will be littered with obstacles. A Restaurant Permit in Los Angeles is a culmination of at least four different essential documents. These are:

IRS ID Number: All companies must have a federal ID number, commonly called an EIN. It is basically the company’s social security number. It costs about $150 and is obtained rather easily. It typically takes about two weeks to receive the authentication for an EIN, but it should be the first step.

Seller’s Permit: Want to sell products? A seller’s permit is mandatory. Fortunately, it is possibly the easiest sub permit to obtain.

Health Operations Permit: On the other hand, a health operation permit is notoriously hard to obtain. The health inspectors and executives want to know that a business leader understands health law and foot safety. It involves more than a test or physical inspection. It also opens the door for random inspections, a necessary evil for running a Los Angeles restaurant.

Worker’s Compensation: All employers employing over a handful of people have to have worker’s compensation. A slip, a fall, and the entire project can be sunk without it.

Individuals interested in obtaining a restaurant permit can be comforted by the fact that everyone has to go through these steps. It keeps competition flexible. The things that are hard to achieve are worth chasing. Speak with a representative at Orchid Construction & Facility Services for more.

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