Wellness Begins at a Dog Health Clinic in Fairfax Station VA

Many people consider a dog to be more than just a four-legged pet. This furry companion is a valued part of the family in every way. A dog can also be a best friend, so keeping him healthy will help him to live as long as possible. Part of being a responsible pet owner is staying on top of a dog’s general maintenance, as well as handling any emergencies that come up. A dog health clinic in Fairfax Station VA, such as Business Name, offers well check ups, assistance with nutritional needs and emergency care when it’s needed.

Wellness Exam

Wellness checkups can help to keep a dog in top shape, both physically and mentally. Regular checkups can detect problems early on before an issue can multiply. During a wellness exam a veterinarian will do a complete physical assessment and any appropriate lab work, including testing for heart worms and parasites, dental work if it’s needed, discuss nutritional needs and address any other concerns that a pet owner may have. Routine vaccinations will also be given if they are due at the time of the exam.


One of the most important things that a pet owner can do for a dog is to have vaccinations given on the appropriate schedule. Puppies should be given a series of shots every 2-4 weeks beginning at age 6-8 weeks. The first set will include distemper, measles and para-influenza, with bordetella being optional, followed by DHPP (distemper, canine hepatitis, para-influenza and parvovirus). and then rabies. Once all of the puppy vaccinations have been given, a dog will receive yearly core shots for maximum protection.

Heart Worm Medication

Heart worm medication is vital for protecting a dog’s heart. Without monthly preventative medicine, heart worms can quickly invade a dog’s system and do major damage in a short amount of time. Puppies can be started on heart worm prevention as early as 6-8 weeks, about the same time that the first set of vaccinations are given.

Keeping that furry family member around as long as possible begins with regular wellness exams and yearly vaccinations. Along with veterinary care, a pet owner needs to provide daily care, including proper nutrition, exercise and play time, grooming and lots of love. If an illness or an emergency occurs, a dog health clinic in Fairfax Station VA is there to help. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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